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Department of Spatial Planning

Welcome to the Urban Development Group (STE)

Urbanization is a key factor of global change. In research and teaching, we are interested in the processes of urban and regional development, their demographic and socio-economic drivers as well as their spatial manifestations and impacts. This includes the complex and intertwined dynamics of land use, infrastructure systems and mobility. Our research projects also address the performance of transformative planning in local and urban-regional policy arenas. Prof. Dr Stefan Siedentop's (head of department) research focuses on the dynamics and structures of urban change, the strategies and instruments of transformative urban-regional planning and methods of urban spatial observation. Prof. Dr. Joachim Scheiner researches transport behaviour, everyday mobility, residential mobility and the interrelationships between spatial structure and transport.

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Writing a thesis at the STE


A thesis is available at the Department of Urban Development focusing on the evolution of children's independent mobility over the past few decades. The specific focus is open and will be determined in collaboration with the supervisor. A strong interest in conducting comprehensive literature research is expected. If you are interested in pursuing a thesis and have any questions, please contact David Hölzel via email at david.hoelzeltu-dortmundde. Further guidance on thesis requirements can be found under the "Teaching" section.